Charlois Wine

Harvesting Charlois MMXII - Photo by Suknovic Mladen

Harvesting Charlois MMXII – Photo by Suknovic Mladen

An evening with oil from Puglia, local wine from Charlois, good food, video’s and talks, in De Kas van het Ootje (Stichting NAC), in Charlois, Rotterdam.

A collaboration with artist and winemaker Giuseppe Licari and WORM. Also with: filmmaker and oil producer Emiliano Monaco, 1 sommelier, a vinoloog and an auctioneer.

Tickets: € 20,- pre-sale / € 22,50 at the door.
Including good food, prosecco, one glass of white and one red Charlois MMXII.

Tickets are available at, and at the WORM-shop, and gallery Hommes (Charloisse Kerksingel 14).

Buy your ticket now / Limited seating!!!

1. Testing of the wine by Dennis Guzzo (sommelier), and Annita ‘t Hoen (vinoloog) from    Odile Hemmen.
2. Auction of 3 bottles of Charlois 2012 with special designed label by Nina Boas.
3. Dinner: Italian-dutch fusion kitchen, by Michael Brenner.
4. Screening video: “Making of”, a sneak preview of a video in the making, by FGA, Angela Marzullo and Michael Hofer.
5. Screening of documentary: “I’m not such a Beautiful Landscape” by Emiliano Monaco. A documentary shot in Iceland about an old fisherman.
6. Talk with Giuseppe Licari Emiliano Monaco moderated by FGA.
7. More food with fine cheese and wine testing.

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