Gnoccule with herring

Gnoccule with herring

Gnoccule with herring

Recipe for 4 people

4 herring
50 gr of cheese cream
500 gr of gnoccule or long pasta
2 onions
Pine tree seeds
Bread powder

Cut each herring in four pieces.
Cut one onion and fry it in oil.
When the onion is golden add the herring and one glass of white wine.
Let the wine evaporate and add the cheese cream.
When the sauce becomes homogeneous put the fire out.
The herring sauce process has to be really fast, in total it should last less then five minutes.
Put the water for the pasta and when it is boiling add the pasta.
Cut the other onion in small pieces and put to fry in a pan with oil.
Add the bread powder, the pine tree seeds and the parsley.
Let the ingredients fry for a few minutes until the bread is golden.
Take the pasta out al dente and mix with the sauce.
Add the bread with the onion and parsley on top of the pasta and serve it.
Enjoy a typical Dutch pasta!


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