Pasta fresca workshop, making the "gnoccule". Photo D.Koca

Pasta fresca workshop, making the "gnoccule". Photo D.Koca

How to prepare fresh made “Sicilian spaghetti”

Recipe for 5-7 people

1kg of flour
A bit of salt

Put the flour on a clean table or inside a bowl, which can contain all the materials. Put some salt and add the previously warmed water. Start mixing the flour until it becomes one mass and continue working the dough until it gets the consistence of “a child’s skin”. Once it is well worked out for about an hour, let it rest for about 10/15 minutes. Then start cutting small pieces and roll them in a cylinder shape of the diameter of 3 cm. Then reduce it into a flat shape, which can be cut in stripes of 1×1 cm. These are going to be the base material of our gnoccule.
Take the stripes and start rolling them with your hand’s palms until they become round, with a length of 30/40 cm and thickness of 0,5 cm.
Then press with your finger the middle of the gnoccule roll in order to generate hollows which will help the pasta to maintain the sauce, when cooked. Then lay them on a textile or dryer, in order to dry them for about half an hour and be ready to be cooked. Boil the water, add some salt and add the gnoccule taking care that they will not break. Don’t cook them too much, they can paste on each other (5 minutes circa). Drain the pasta, dress with the sauce you want (preferably fish, or tomato sauce) and enjoy it.


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