Rolled aubergine

the tasty rolled aubergine with spaghetti...

the tasty rolled aubergine with spaghetti...

Rolled aubergine with spaghetti in tomato sauce

Recipe for 4 people

2 aubergines
200 gr of spaghetti
200 gr of tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes
Ricotta salata or pecorino
Oil, salt and pepper

Cut the aubergine in slides along the long side and fry them in abundant oil.
Place a piece of kitchen paper on the serving plate to suck the extra oil.
Cook the spaghetti in plenty of water with salt.
Prepare a sauce frying the onion, cut in small pieces. When its color becomes golden, put the tomatoes in pieces or smashed, add salt and pepper and let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes.
Take the spaghetti out more than al dente.
Mix the spaghetti with the sauce and start filling in the aubergine slides.
Put a little amount of spaghetti, add parmesan and pecorino or ricotta salata, one or two leaves of basil and roll it.
Put in a pan prepared with butter, and some sauce.
Fill all the pan repeating the same procedure and add on top sauce, parmesan and pecorino.
Put in the oven at 200° C for 15 minutes until they start to become golden.
Everything is ready, you just have to enjoy.


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