Edible Utopia

Tea house

Tea house

Edible Utopia at NAI Rotterdam

31nd of August 2012  – Rotterdam

After the success of  Sandwich Utopia in July 2012, the Netherlands Architecture Institute invited Spaghetti Forever to repeat the DIY workshop for the closing celebration of Zomer in het NAI. The participants could design and build an utopic urban environment using food products and ingredients consumed in a typical Dutch meal. The natural setting had the shape of an archipelago where the islands were floating in a sea of stroop.

The whole evening, titled “Beyond architecture”, included lectures by Matthijs Bouw, Dan Hassler-Forest on Batman and Gotham City , Rutger Zuydervelt from the Machinefabriek and a sound performance by Mark Bain. You can find the full program here.

As soon the Edible Utopia was built, it was shared and eaten.

Spaghetti Forever | Edible Utopia was hosted by Giuseppe Licari and NAI Rotterdam 2012.

All images and text are copyright of Giuseppe Licari © Spaghetti Forever 2012.

Photos by Cristina Ampatzidou.

Building up the archipelago

Building up the utopia

The first towers

The first towers in the island

The king of the archipelago

The king of the archipelago

Placing the rainbow

Placing the rainbow

Navigating with Elvis

Navigating with Elvis

Sharing the landscape

Sharing the landscape

Boat traffic in the - stroop - sea

Boat traffic in the – stroop – sea

After the utopia

The sea after the dinner

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